Issue 4.1 – the view from here / from here the view

Issue 4.1 – the view from here / from here the view is now live! The issue includes new work by writers Dylan Brennan, Stephanie Conn, and Kate Noakes.  The cover, is by our featured artist Ria Czerniak-LeBov.  The read the full issue, click here.

PB 4.1 View Cover

Reality. A mutable concept. Except when it isn’t.

No one sees it the same as anyone else. That’s a truism.

So is that.

And what is poetry in this context? A hologram of a memory of an image?
Or a new way in to reality?

It depends on how you look at it.

Each of the poems in this issue comes from a very personal viewpoint. The
world viewed through a particular lens and revealed as never before.

Read them how you read them. Step into the abyss that looks into you. See
the world with new ears.

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