Call for Submissions – Issue 5.1: some accident of love and nature

IMG_7140The Pickled Body 5.1

Call for submissions
Deadline September 30th, 2019

Think of everything that had to happen to make this moment exist. Now send us your poems on this theme: Some accident of love and nature.

We want poems that are happy accidents – (un)fortunate, (un)expected, (un)intentional; that deal with nature (human or otherwise).  Poems that deal (or can’t deal) with love – (mis(sed))fortunes, (mis(sed))adventures, (mis(sed))chances . All of the above, in a gnarly causal soup, will make us accidentally delighted.


Send up to three poems in a Word doc or similar (no PDFs) to:

Deadline: September 30, 2019.


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