The Cover for Issue 5.1 – some accident of love and nature

Pickled Body 5.1 cover

Here is the cover of The Pickled Body, Issue 5.1 – some accident of love and nature. The print is by our Featured Artist Anna Williams and we cannot wait to show you the full spread she has produced for us.

From her artistic statement (NB: I love it when an artist gets it, and then, gives it right back):

“These prints investigate how family history, identity, and mythologies of womanhood can intersect to offer alternative definitions of what it means to be female, and the importance of re-establishing a partnership with the natural world as a means to reuniting with our true selves.

For women and nature alike, physical and psychological borders define our reality. The borders between feminine and unfeminine, human and animal, tameness and wildness, savage and civilized – rules about what is natural and what isn’t – govern women’s lives. As a woman I have struggled and failed to fit traditional definitions of femininity – too male to be female and too female to be male. In my practice, I engage with what is considered appropriate female behavior as I explore female identities, and the impact this struggle has on my own mental health.”

The full issue will go live next week.

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