Issue 5.1 – some accident of love and nature is now live!

Pickled Body 5.1 cover

Welcome, gentle reader, to another issue of The Pickled Body. Here in issue 5.1, we’re
proud to showcase new work from some very fine contributors. Meditations on age
and death. Amusing inversions. Political interventions. Travel broadening the mind.
Travel narrowing the focus. An egg as a sunrise. A werewolf conversion. Fifteen
dead Michaels. An answer to Elizabeth Bishop. An enlightening fig. Teeth and
cavities. Transformational art pieces. And more. All of this work involves or evokes
some accident of love and death (it’s only natural, in the end). So it goes for
everyone and, perhaps, everything. We hope you enjoy this issue as much as we did
bringing it together. Now read on…

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