Call for Submissions: Issue 2.1 – Quantum


The Pickled Body

Call for Submissions

Issue 2.1: Quantum

 Deadline for submissions:  January 30, 2015

In Ian Fleming’s short story, ‘a quantum of solace’ is the least amount of comfort and fellow feeling required for a relationship to survive. In the classic television series Quantum Leap, Sam Beckett had to jump into other people’s lives, repair them, and move on. Quantum physics we all know about – because it’s what makes our world tick/not tick.

For issue 2.1 of The Pickled Body we’re looking for work on the theme of ‘quantum’. You decide what that means and send us your poems in a box not to be opened until Erwin Schrodinger gets here; poems to be selected by his cat, should it be alive.

Please send up to three poems on the theme to Work submitted must not have been published elsewhere, and should be included in your email as an attached document, preferably Word or Pages. Please don’t use multicoloured type, as that doesn’t show up in our experiments.

Remember too that quantum means ‘very small’ not ‘very big’. You know how embarrassing it can be when someone says ‘I’ve made a quantum leap forward’ and expects a biscuit.

Deadline for submissions:  January 30, 2015



The Pickled Body



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