Now Open: Call for Submissions Issue 3.3

The Pickled Body
Call for Submissions
Issue 3.3: A lot of what I like is trash
Deadline: August 31st, 2017


Trash is everywhere. We throw it out. We take it in.

We listen to it. We eat it. We make love to it. We become it. We watch it and weep.

Your trash is someone else’s gold.

Earth’s orbit is full of it. Your lifestyle produces it. Someone else’s depends on it.

Roxy Music sang about it. Warhol celebrated it.

Some people talk it. Now is your chance to walk it.

Whatever trash means to you, show us yours and we’ll publish the worst of it, or the best, whatever that means to us.

Don’t throw it out, throw it over here. Send up to three of your trashiest poems to by August 31st.


The Editors, The Pickled Body


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