Issue 2.1 Quantum

Quantum - Cover - Issue 2.1

A poem is unpredictable. A message, a feeling, sent from one mind to another, it is changed in ways the writer cannot know. In this issue of The Pickled Body, we have captured some of these slices of meaning yet let them slip out on a journey over which neither we nor the poets have any control. Make of them what you will, because a poem becomes something other – and richer – when it combines with the mind of the reader.

Quantum includes work by Marjorie Lofti Gill, Iggy McGovern, bruno neiva, Eleanor Hooker, and others. The featured artist is Sean Hayes. Co-editor Dimitra Xidous reviews Blood Oranges, the debut collection by Dylan Brennan (Penny Dreadful Press).

We hope you enjoy the issue. In choosing ‘quantum’ as our theme, we knew that poetry, like all art, like all communication, finds its true form when it is received, not when it is transmitted. And when that happens, both the poem and the reader are changed.


The Editors

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