Call for Submissions – Issue 2.2: Loaded/Unloaded



The Pickled Body

Call for Submissions

Issue 2.2: Loaded/Unloaded

Deadline for submissions: October 31st, 2015

This is not an invitation to submit. It is an invitation to overcome us with your brilliance. Use language as a weapon. Load your verses and prepare to fire. We have a target ready. It’s issue 2.2 of The Pickled Body. Aim – fire – hit. See if your missile gets past our stringent door policy.

Or not. We can’t all be loaded. Our suggestion is that you take the slash in ‘Loaded/Unloaded’ and do something interesting with it. Not take ‘a’ slash. Much as we would like to, we don’t accept urine samples as poetry. (Rejections get messy.) But if you do want to piss all over something in words, your work might just fit the ‘unloaded’ element of our call.

What matters is what ‘loaded/unloaded’ means to you. A state of balance? A bit of a joke? An inspiration to scale the heights of moderation? Alarming quantities of booze, sex and accountancy? A cool dichotomy?

You choose. Just write the stuff. Then send up to three of your finest poems on the subject to

The Science Bit: Work submitted must not have been published elsewhere, and should be included in your email as an attached document, preferably Word or Pages, not PDFs.

Deadline for submissions: October 31st, 2015


The Pickled Body

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