The Cover for Issue 2.2 – Loaded/Unloaded

Loaded - Unloaded Cover

Here is the cover for Issue 2.2 Loaded/Unloaded.  Our featured artist is Padhraig Nolan and we will be showcasing work by Kimberly Campanello, including a translation by Afric Mac Aodha, Todd Swift, Michael S Begnal, Susan Connolly, and Robert Carr, among others.

From the issue’s editorial:

‘Herein we have pickled poems that came loaded with meaning, ideas, fun/not-fun, excitement and drama, as well as acute observation. Nostalgia was a theme that emerged in retrospect, after we had made our selection. That being in the sense of painful recollection, and not, say, of old movies that remind the viewer of happier times and places.[…] This nostalgia in the true sense – suffused with the pain of remembering that which can never be experienced again except in memory – burns brightly in all of us once we reach a certain distance, different for everyone, on the path towards a kind of maturity, or at least old age. Each piece here is full of life, and the experience of life, both loaded and unloaded’.

Loaded/Unloaded will be going live on Decemeber 15, 2015.

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