A Bird Has Landed On Your Tongue – The Cover for Issue 3.1

Here is the cover for Issue 3.1 – How To Make Love in Dangerous Times.


The cover was created by our featured artist Cara Dunne, who had this to say about the images for the issue:

My old palettes caught my eye for their mysterious lumps and bumps, the remnants of paint taken to another canvas to become something else. From the dry, textured surfaces scenes appeared, 3D maps of swirling landscapes. The nature of the tin lids and pieces of wood bring a delicacy to the works. ‘In these dangerous times, this fresh new thing has landed on your tongue.’ These unique landscapes, little plates of leftovers, are things to hold and protect. ‘…the legs of a horse, or some dog making strides, going broke for love: an animal looking for another animal.’ From the dried plate appear whales amidst tropical islands, a bird losing feathers at night, a beached whale far below, and a whale and a girl going separate ways. There is something dangerous about skewed perspective, holding the ocean in your hands.


Issue 3.1 will be launched shortly.

The editors, The Pickled Body

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