Issue 3.1 How to Make Love in Dangerous Times is now live!

A bird has landed on your tongue….



Our call got as far as the throat, and never deeper than this: And you give in, of course you do. So what is it about love, that makes us give in? What is it about love that makes us do this, over and over again, with no regard for our safety? Is this complete lack of safety the thing that turns times dangerous? Think of AIDS, think of violence, think about choice. Think about control. We could not do this to the heart and so we stopped ourselves short, and buried that bird deep in the throat, and made it clear that before it ever gets to the heart, you have let a wild thing find its way into you. In some ways, it is already too late. Yes, there is a crack in everything and yes, you gotta kick at the darkness until it bleeds daylight, but nothing in this world is casual.

Please go here to read the issue.

We hope you enjoy all the lovely birds, and other wild things, that are found in this issue.

With love (in these dangerous times)

The Editors, The Pickled Body

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